How to Choose a Short Haircut in Accordance with Hair Color

A woman will always look great in short haircut and more so if it is selected carefully. When you choose a short haircut, the color is very important and can determine how good the appearance will be. When one chooses a short haircut that does not go well with their natural hair color, they can choose to manipulate the hair color to bring out the best. When choosing a haircut, other things to consider include:

  • Hair texture;
  • Facial features;
  • Skin tone.

Dark Hair

When choosing a short haircut for dark hair, it is good to consider the skin tone that will best blend in. Dark hair colors include black, light brown as well as dark brown. Short haircuts with layers are best for these hair colors. Styles such as short pixies, straight bobs, and curly bobs are best for dark hair color.

Light fine hair

Women with natural light and fine hair have to be careful when choosing a short haircut. This is because most light color hair is fine and tangles easily. A pompadour will look great in a light color and so will a single length bob. A woman with blonde hair will look amazing in a flat iron bob. A pixie cut will also look great with light colored hair and since it is quite short, the hair strength is maintained.

Manipulate the Color

When a woman loves a haircut and really wants to have it, they can manipulate the color of their hair so that it is suitable for the chosen short haircut. They may choose to dye their natural hair so as to attain the best from the haircut. Adding highlights to their natural hair can also ensure the chosen haircut is perfectly complemented in accordance with hair color. When choosing a haircut in accordance with hair color, eye color is as important. 

Desired Length

The selection of a short haircut in accordance with hair color will also be affected by how short you want to cut your hair. For very short haircuts, the natural color works best with hairstyles such as bob, pixie or a Pompidou. Finding the most popular short haircuts for the desired length and the colors that have presented them best will assist in making the right choice.

Hair color is not constant, it can be manipulated permanently or with a temporary dye that you can wash away when you desire to change your haircut. However, it is important to choose the right short haircut that will best suit your natural hair color for the best results.