Know About The Difference Between Fine Hair And Thin Hair?

The hair is described in so many terms such as thin hair, thick hair, fine hair, and coarse hair. You may wonder why we should bother to know the type of hair we have. It helps in nourishing and taking care of the hair you have. Let us have some basic information on this topic.

Difference Between Fine And Thin Hair

The difference between fine and thin hair is mostly derived by the facts based on the thickness of your strands and the density of your follicles. The thickness of the hair is described as fine or coarse. The density of the hair is described as thin or thick. This indicates that you can have both fine and thin hair and fine and thick hair at the same time.

However, it is difficult to draw a line between fine hair vs thin hair. Still, you can learn some basic information on this aspect.

fine hair

Thin hair

The thin hair refers to the density of the follicles of your hair. You can always have thin coarse hair. You may have thin hair that may not be fine as these two aspects are different. Thin hair has lesser hair follicles arranged together. You will be able to see your scalp due to this during the process of your hairstyle.  

Fine Hair

The fine hair describes the texture of the hair. This includes the width, diameter, and circumference of the hair strands. If you have fine hair, your hair strands are smaller in diameter. The coarse hair has a thicker diameter.

You May Have Both Types Of Hair

You can have fine and thin hair and you need to pay attention to your hair caring. Fine and thin hair is very fragile and gentle. It is prone to damage easily by breaking. You need to adopt proper hairstyles for thin hair, and hadviser can help you with this step. You need to be careful about the hair products you use also to prevent further damage.

This type of hair tends to appear dull and lifeless. This may become more apparent with certain hairstyles that stretch or twist. If you pay proper attention, you may get a thicker and the fuller look without much modification.

Thin Natural Hair

The thin natural hair is having the number of hair strands that are present on your head. If you have thin hair means, you have less hair. This may be due to hair loss, genetics or may be due to breakage. Thin hair is limp in structure. Now you decide what type of hair you have!

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